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Green Initiatives

Hotel Erwin’s longstanding commitment to environmentally sustainability continues to evolve today. It is one of our priorities to preserve our unique, diverse, and eclectic beach location for future Guests. We emphasize eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible. Some of our environmental initiatives, include the following:

Water Conservation and Efficiency:

California’s extreme water drought is a prominent concern for the entire state. Hotel Erwin highlights water conservation, through the following:

  • Linen and towel re-use program, which encourages Guests staying multiple nights to forgo changing linens and towels daily.
  • Use of water aerators on in-room faucets (0.5 gpm) and water efficient showerheads (1.5 gpm) to reduce water consumption within Guest Rooms.
  • Use of low-flow toilets and urinals in public restrooms. We will also unveil hybrid urinals (modeled after the waterless urinals, but have an ultra-low rinsing flush) in the new restrooms on the Rooftop…Coming Soon!
  • Drip irrigation system for landscape, and use of native and/or drought tolerant plants (when possible).
  • Hotel Erwin’s Employee Water Policy, which enforces Gov. Brown’s Executive Order B-29-15 (statewide mandatory water reductions to 25% below 2013 levels).

Energy Efficiency:

Hotel Erwin strives to reduce our energy load and carbon footprint through the following features:
  • LED/CFL lights in more than 90% of the building.
  • Occupancy lighting sensors throughout the Hotel that automatically shut-off lights, when motion is not detected.
  • Energy management system in each of the guest rooms, which controls temperature (max. and min. temperatures). The heating/cooling shuts off automatically, when the sliding doors are open (in suites) or 8 minutes after a room is un-occupied.
  • Energy efficient chiller for cooling.


Purchasing decisions can create positive change by creating a demand for more sustainable products and services. In general, Hotel Erwin strives to purchase in bulk and from local vendors whenever possible to reduce packaging and reduce our carbon footprint from deliveries. Other sustainable purchasing activities, include:

Guest Rooms:

  • Purchase of Rapidly Renewable Fibers paper products such as toilet paper and tissue.
  • Our in-room toiletries are from a company called, "Lather," that focuses on environmentally-responsible business practices. These products are: “100% vegan, containing NO animal by-products, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, urea, or petrol-derived ingredients.” Also, the “soaps are packaged in recyclable unit cartons printed with soy-based inks, while the tubes and caps are both biodegradable and recyclable.”
  • Use of Maud’s pods for Keurig single-cup coffee (recyclable capsules, and they also donate $0.20 to a good cause for each package purchased).
  • Purchase organic, healthy, and/or local vendor snacks for in-room (when possible).

Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails:

  • Purchase Organic, Fair Trade, local, and/or sustainable foods (when possible).
  • “To-Go” food containers are made of 100% recycled paper.
  • 100% of our coffee is Fair Trade.
  • Between 50-74% of our fruit and vegetables have environmentally-focused certifications (ex. USDA organic).
  • More than 75% of our meat, fish, and dairy products have environmentally-focused certifications (ex. USDA Organic, Certified Sustainable Seafood, etc.).


Hotel Erwin aims to reduce waste and recycle, or re-use as much as possible. Fortunate for our Guests, our waste hauler separates recyclables from our trash, so no additional sorting effort is necessary. In addition, we reduce our waste through the following:
  • Eliminated paper towels in Public restrooms,
  • 100% of our used oil is converted into bio-diesel by a third party company.
  • Housekeeping reuses old towels as cleaning rags.
  • We donate partially used toiletries to local non-profit organizations.
  • We enforce a, "Hazardous Recycling Policy," to avoid toxic materials from going to landfills.
  • Reusable key cards and key card holders.
  • Printed invoices for Guests are available upon request only, which eliminates paper waste.

Health and Cleaning:

A healthy atmosphere is a happy atmosphere. While our Guests spend most of their time outside enjoying outdoor activities and the beach, we also care to promote a healthy indoor atmosphere. Some of these features, include:
  • We are a Non-Smoking Hotel.
  • Housekeeping utilizes eco-friendly, Green Seal® certified cleaning products.
  • Maintenance uses only non-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.
  • We emphasize the use of outdoor spaces, such as the Barlo Patio and of course High Rooftop Lounge! This reduces reliance on heat or cool conditioned spaces, and promotes interaction with the outdoors.

Alternative Transportation:

Our prime Venice location enables us to provide alternative transportation for our Guests. Guests can choose from bus rides, taxi rides, bicycle transportation, walking, rollerblading, Segways, skateboarding, and so on.


We work hard to make Guest events and meetings fun, smooth, and memorable. However, that doesn’t equate to being wasteful! We incorporate our sustainability mentality into events and meetings, through the following:
  • We aim to minimize food waste for catering events by working closely with our clients to obtain accurate head counts and adjusting for last-minute changes.
  • We ask event attendees/planners, if they would like to have their water refilled.
  • Our meeting rooms are fortunate to have plenty of natural lighting, so the Guests are less likely to need electric lights. We also turn-off all lights when the meeting room is not in use.
  • We reuse the notepads provided during meetings.
  • Heat and A/C are carefully monitored, and shut-off when meeting rooms are not in use.
  • For décor/centerpieces, we use succulent plants, which require less watering.
  • The majority of our events utilize Cheeky™ products (paper plates, cups, utensils), which donate approximately 1 meal to Feeding America® for every Cheeky product that we purchase.

 In addition, Hotel Erwin is in the process of working towards the following certifications and programs:

If you have any questions, comments, or Green Initiatives that you’d like to see, please email us at