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Surf. Sand. Street Art.


Venice isn’t just a place to visit. It’s a place to experience. A place where art is all around. Where boutiques and restaurants are owned by locals. And where “normal” does not apply. Sure, it may not be for everyone, but we love it. Since 1975, Hotel ERWIN has been a proud ambassador to the Venice way of life, and there’s nothing our staff loves more than sharing our favorite things about Venice with our guests.


Situated between the gritty Venice Boardwalk and the high-end Abbot Kinney, the Venice Canals are unlike anything you’ll find in SoCal. Lined with stunning multi-million-dollar homes, the canals provide a relaxing and idyllic counterpoint to the vibrant eccentricity of the rest of Venice.


Known as the birthplace of American skate culture, the film “Lords of Dogtown” is based on the rise of skateboarding in Venice during the 1970s. Today, the 16,000 square foot Venice Skatepark attracts large crowds clamoring to see some of the world's best skaters do their thing.


Walk, ride or skate to the Venice Pier. Located at the end of Washington Blvd., it’s something to behold. You’ll get stunning SoCal sunsets and ocean views, but the people-watching is what it’s all about. Enjoy street entertainers on the Boardwalk, or watch the surfers as they try to catch the next big wave.


There’s no better way to soak in the sights and sounds of Venice than by bike. The oceanfront bike path goes through the Venice Boardwalk, meaning you'll get to see the street entertainers, vendors, and tourists, and goes through Santa Monica up to Malibu's pristine beaches.


If you’re not satisfied by simply gazing out onto the ocean, then we suggest hopping on a standup paddleboard, kayaking, or surfing and becoming one with the Pacific. There areplenty of rental shops nearby, where you can get a SUP, a kayak, or even charter a boat for the day.


The ultimate destination for bodybuilders, Muscle Beach is a piece of living history and offers a $10 day pass. Get your game on with a quick pick up game of basketball or grab a paddle and enjoy some beachfront paddle tennis. In Venice, the beach is your gym.


Stroll up and down Abbot Kinney Boulevard, home of the city’s best boutiques, galleries, restaurants and bars (Felix and Gjelina, most famously). This stylish mile long strop offers “Instagrammable” backdrops for the influencer in you, just minutes from Venice Beach.


The Friday Farmer’s Market is a hidden gem, that is mostly all locals. It’s just a short walk from the hotel and is a great place to pick up some hummus and pita for snacking on later at the beach, or a pretzel from RockenWagner Bakery, or a freshly squeezed tangerine juice.


A symbol of Venice past and present, the iconic Venice Sign spanning across Windward Avenue at Pacific. Carefully, wait at the traffic light until the walk signal appears, then run out in front of the sign and strike a pose! Tag @venicesign on insta, and watch the likes roll in.

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We get it. You’re here for the food. Skip the chains and the big names and try some of our favorite local spots. These are the places you’re gonna want to get your grub on.


1 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

Our next door friendly neighbor and go-to breakfast spot.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The Fairfax Sandwhich, their siracha maya and scrambled eggs just melt in your mouth.


1 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

This coastal-Californian cafe just across the street offers good food and good vibes.

YOU GOTTA TRY! Their Ricotta Hot Cakes for breakfast.


3 min walk | 2 min bike | 2 min car

The freshest fish in town, Hama is Venice’s original sushi joint.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The sweet shrimp is crazy good. Or get a little funky and try one of their wild specialty rolls.


1 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

Belle's Beach House is a laid back island escape, that's new on the block, but a fast favorite. The name is an ode to our dear friend and legendary artist, Larry Bell.

YOU GOTTA TRY! Basically every single tiki drink. And the french fries!


17 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

This laid-back seafood joint offering literally the freshest seafood in town also has a great bar scene and Sunday brunch.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The Lobster Roll topped with shaved black truffles.


16 min walk | 5 min bike | 3 min car

The Rose’s globally influenced menu has it all, so clear out your calendar because you’re gonna wanna spend some time here.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The Butcher’s Board is an ever-changing display of everything that’s being served that day.


14 min walk | 4 min bike | 3 min car

Jim Morrison’s favorite hang out spot, that’s what. Hinano has been grilling up the best burgers and coldest beers west of the 405.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The burgers are legit LA famous.


10 min walk | 4 min bike | 3 min car

Venice's plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar and “vegetable slaughterhouse."

YOU GOTTA TRY! The Grilled Cauliflower T-Bone is massive and hearty and is totally meat-free.


4 min walk | 1 min bike | 2 min car

Best mix of good & evil. Grain Bowls and dipped cones… kale salad, add fried chicken!

YOU GOTTA TRY! The classic smash-burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and $7 grain bowls.


4 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

Modern Italian food helmed by Top Chef contestant Jackson Kalb.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The crispy provolone and the kale salad. Trust us on the kale.


1 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

A home for music in Venice, California. Restaurant, bar, & live music.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The chicken nuggets. Or the seafood tower if you want to treat yourself.


1 min walk | 1 min bike | 1 min car

Great White's sister restaurant, echoing it's Cali/Mediterranean feel. Open Wednesday - Sunday.

YOU GOTTA TRY! The ceviche is always a go to. If they have the charred eggplant on the menu, don't miss it.